Submission Guidelines

Palm Tree Books is interested in publishing top quality works by both published authors and unpublished newcomers, seeking creativity, originality and storytelling talent. We welcome both agented and unagented submissions for consideration.

Submission Guidelines

Palm Tree Books accepts initial submissions by EMAIL ONLY with the following:

A dated cover letter with your name, contact information, the title of submitted work, specified genre or subgenre of your submission(s) and total word count. Include links to previous work published in paying markets, if any.

Put “Author Submission” in your email’s subject line and detailed materials in the message body. File attachments will not be accepted.

The manuscript’s first three chapters prepared with margins of at least 1 inch all the way around, indented paragraphs, double-spaced text with 10 or 12 pitch in Times New Roman font. Requested word count minimums are 80,000 for novels and 50,000 for nonfiction, though there may be some exceptions if your work is accepted for publication.

A synopsis no longer than one page for fiction books. For nonfiction, a proposal describing your book in 500 words or less, title/subtitle, what makes it unique, your target audience and brief author biography. Please send one proposal/synopsis in each submissions packet. If your submissions are part of a series, send proposal for only the first book. If interested, we will request the series’ other unpublished books.

All manuscript submissions should be sent to

Additional Information

Palm Tree Books is not accepting short stories, short story collections, erotica, anthologies, poetry, or novels categorized in genres other than general fiction, genre fiction, young adult, or contemporary fiction at the present time.

Nonfiction books include – but not limited to – biographies (both authorized and unauthorized), public figure tribute books, true crime, real life drama, health and wellness, self-help, sports, education and humor.

Time frame to review and make decisions on submissions may range between 60 and 90 days; some could take longer, others less time. If your manuscript is accepted by another publisher before Palm Tree contacts you, promptly inform us so we may remove it from the queue.

Palm Tree Books is a non-exclusive publisher. Our authors are free to sign with other publishers; however, we will not accept work published elsewhere.

Authors do not need to register for a copyright long as their work is unpublished. We will copyright books in the authors’ names once manuscripts are accepted for publication.

We  do not charge to publish your books – ever. While Palm Tree Books encourages authors to take advantage of our non-exclusive status, please be wary of publishers or agents who post fees for respective services. Legitimate publishers and literary agents never request upfront money to publish books or represent authors. Authors should get paid, not the opposite.


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